“Ms. Mhyana edited my fiction manuscript. Her work was thorough and she gave very insightful comments, from punctuation and grammar to the overall structure of the book, which greatly helped to improve and refine my writing.”

M.E. Walsh, Artistic Director, St. Mark’s Cultural Association; Founder, Florence Writers’ Group; Editor, Sigh Press


“To fully appreciate Ms. Mhyana’s editing work with our publication, it is necessary to clarify that we are extremely demanding. At Many of Them magazine, we are committed to respecting the voices of the various artists we collaborate with and to capturing the nuances of their language without compromising the spontaneity of conversation. I’ve worked with many editors during my time as Editor-in-chief, but Ms. Mhyana has become our go-to person. She has been a great support since the beginning, not only owing to her good disposition and erudition, but also thanks to her deep knowledge of the English language and her innate style of writing. Through her stringent editing and sympathetic, light-handed ghostwriting, she maintained the authentic voice of every artist we interviewed – quite a challenge, as most of them are not native English speakers. I will definitely recommend Ms. Mhyana to other editors, and I myself would love to work with her again in the future.”

Pedro Canicoba, Editor-in-chief, Many of Them Magazine


“Jalina’s [script writing] is super fast!”

Kota Kuramoto,  ANAYI fall / winter fashion collection video


“Working with Jalina on preparing my short stories for submission has been an absolute pleasure. Her critiques are clear and professional, her knowledge of grammar and formatting are invaluable, and she is like having an angel editor on your shoulder. I look forward to sending future writings her way.”

Lynn Cole, Author


“Jalina was an absolute pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond what I expected and her professionalism was second to none. Her ability as an editor knows no bounds. She will be my first choice for any other work I have in the future.”

Paul Herron, YA Author


“An erudite and imaginative work.”

Mary Acton, Instructor, Advanced Diploma in the History of Art, Oxford University


“One admires the high-spiritedness and Dionysian spirit that sings loudly in [Mhyana’s writing] as well as the large-scale intellect that ranges over various cultures. That [her works are] so explosively pleasurable make them…capable of redefining our notion of the personal as political. Mhyana’s artistry is embodied in her ability to make infectious in the language…a wild heart that is in love…with the world around her.”

Major Jackson, Poetry Editor, The Harvard Review